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Pilot Joins Forces With Richmond Football Club

Pilot, Australia’s biggest men’s telehealth platform, has teamed up with Richmond Football Club for an exciting partnership.

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April 24, 2023
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Pilot Joins Forces With Richmond Football Club
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Pilot, Australia’s biggest men’s telehealth platform, has teamed up with Richmond Football Club for an exciting partnership.

Here at Pilot, we’re passionate about helping every Australian level up their health, and with the help of the Tiger Army and broader Richmond supporters, we hope to spread awareness about how easy Pilot makes it for men to take meaningful action when it comes to all aspects of their health.

This partnership couldn’t come at a better time, with the Richmond Tigers preparing for the 2022 AFL season.

We’re thrilled to support the team’s wellbeing and encourage all footy fans to check in with how they’re feeling in order to become better, healthier versions of themselves.

Pilot will also proudly feature on the club’s AFL playing shorts throughout this year, which acts as a handy, weekly reminder to check in on how we’re all going – on and off the field.

On the partnership, Richmond CEO Brendon Gale said it would help make it easier for both Richmond players and fans to access wellness initiatives.

“Pilot is taking the stress out of men’s healthcare, which is something we are pleased our many members and supporters will be able to benefit from,” he said.

“From small beginnings, Pilot has become an action taking and fast-growing business. We are pleased to have a similarly ambitious organisation represented on our shorts for the 2022 season.”

Our very own Founder and General Manager of Pilot, Charlie Gearside added, “The Richmond Football Club believes in our mission to change the narrative on men’s health.

"Richmond has got a great group of young men striving to be better on and off the field. It is just a no-brainer alignment, and we cannot wait to help bring home another flag in 2022.”

Since launching in February 2019, Pilot’s end-to-end telehealth platform has been used by over 150,000 Australian men. Our goal is to help reduce the stigma around health issues, while also making it easier for you to access healthcare online.

Aussie men are significantly less likely to seek treatment from a GP than Australian women, which is why Pilot’s chat-based platform connects patients with trusted doctors who have extensive experience in treating conditions like hair loss, ED, PE, weight issues and acne, without the hassle of needing to make an appointment or leaving the house.

And, Pilot allows you to receive personalised treatment without the need for an awkward face-to-face conversation with your GP.

We hope that this partnership with Richmond Football Club encourages you to have conversations about physical and mental health with your mates and access healthcare when you need it. We’re here for you.

Kick off your health journey today by connecting with a Pilot doctor online.


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