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Easy recipe hacks to level up the taste of your meal replacement shakes

Thoughtfully designed recipes from Pilot's dietitians.

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April 22, 2024
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Easy recipe hacks to level up the taste of your meal replacement shakes
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Meal replacement shakes can be a great way to lose weight and maintain it.

And, while working up a sweat with exercise, eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep are important in leading a healthy life, protein shakes can help you shift weight in a convenient and straightforward way.

There's no need to calorie count with protein shakes — simply mix with water and you've got a meal that you can consume just about anywhere. But, we also know that replacing meals with shakes every day can become stale and it's understandable if you start to crave some variety in your meals.

This is why it's handy to have a few protein shake recipes up your sleeve for those moments when you feel like something a little bit different from the usual chocolate protein shake.

This is where we come in. The dietitians at Pilot have created a number of protein shake recipes for weight loss so you can continue to experience positive changes in your body while also enjoying your daily drinks.

What's the deal with meal replacement shakes?

As the name suggests, meal replacement shakes are designed to replace meals in your day with low-kilojoule liquid shakes.

These shakes are generally formulated with protein and nutrients in specific quantities to ensure you are meeting your daily nutritional needs, while also being low in carbohydrates, which can help encourage weight loss.

Meal replacement shakes have a protein powder base and are designed to be mixed with water to create a convenient meal substitute. And, it's usually recommended that you replace one to two meals per day with shakes when trying to lose weight.

While meal replacement shakes are great for weight loss and can help people lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, they can also be incredibly helpful when managing weight fluctuations or a plateau in your weight loss journey.

Can protein shakes be a good way to lose weight?

In short, yes! The research around meal replacement shakes and weight loss is encouraging and shows how protein shakes can be an effective tool in helping people reach their health goals.

A 2010 study from the United States compared a meal replacement program designed for weight loss and weight maintenance against a food-based meal plan that contained the same calories each day [1].

Over the 40-week study, researchers found that those in the meal replacement group achieved greater weight loss than those on the food meal plan.

In fact, 93 per cent of the meal replacement group lost greater than five per cent of their initial weight at week 16 compared to 55 per cent of those who were consuming food-based meals.

According to the researchers, the meal replacement plan "strategy for producing robust initial weight loss and for achieving improvements in a number of health-related parameters during weight maintenance, including inflammation and oxidative stress".

It's important to note that there were only 90 participants in this study, which makes it a relatively small sample size. But, it does demonstrate how people can lose weight successfully with meal replacements.  

This is why Pilot created the Weight Reset Shakes — premium meal replacement shakes that are conveniently formulated to take care of your dietary needs while helping you lose weight.

On Pilot's Rapid weight loss plan, which involves replacing two meals per day with a shake, it's normal to lose up to two kilos a week for the first four to six weeks and then 0.8kg each week beyond that [2].

On the Steady weight loss plan, which combines one shake a day with a low-calorie diet, can help you lose four per cent of your body weight in 12 weeks [3].

Plus, Pilot's Weight Reset Shakes are packed with good stuff, including:

  • 20 vitamins and minerals
  • High-quality whey protein powder with nine essential amino acids to limit the loss of muscle mass
  • Fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer

And, more than 40 per cent of your daily vitamin needs for immunity and overall health are taken care of with one shake.

The Weight Reset Shakes are also low in carbs and contain just 205 calories per shake. There's no bad stuff like added sugar, laxatives, preservatives or empty fillers but there are gut health benefits thanks to the addition of pre and probiotics.

Simply choose your flavour — Vanilla, Iced Coffee or Chocolate — and you're good to go!

What can I mix protein powder with to lose weight?

While there are a number of protein powder options available, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. This is where meal replacement shakes can come in — they provide you with the perfect balance of protein, vitamins and minerals so you can be sure you're consuming a balanced meal.

Plus, meal replacement shakes only require you to mix the powder with water and you're good to go. But, we understand that consuming the same flavoured shake day after day can get tedious.

This is why we've created a bunch of recipes that allow you to customise your Weight Reset Shakes from Pilot so you can create healthy and filling smoothies that are also designed for weight loss.

Each smoothie is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, rich in fibre and packed with micronutrients. And, with ingredients like frozen fruit, almond milk, cinnamon and peanut butter, you'll be excited to make your shake each day.

Weight loss shake recipes for weight loss

We've thoughtfully designed these recipes to show you the many ways you can use Pilot's Weight Reset Shakes in the flavours of Chocolate, Vanilla and Iced Coffee.

These recipes range from refreshing fruit smoothies, with frozen banana and pineapple to thick and creamy shakes with nut butter, vanilla extract and cocoa powder.

Chocolate shake recipes

Cherry Ripe Shake

Mocha Shake

Choc Mint Smoothie

Vanilla shake recipes

Green Smoothie

Pina Colada

Spiced Cinnamon Smoothie

Iced coffee shake recipes

Espresso Coconut

Espresso with Peanut Butter

Espresso Banana Smoothie

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