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Science-backed ingredients

Depending on your skin needs, your treatment may contain:
Yellow Powder
Clinical-grade retinoids
Ideal for: Acne scars
Targets: Clogged pores, scarring
Ideal for: Oily skin
Targets: Oil production, irritation
Azelaic Acid
Azelaic Acid
Ideal for: Angry skin
Targets: Active acne, redness
White Powder
Ideal for: Painful pimples
Targets: Acne causes, inflammation

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Pilot doctors will check in on your progress and adjust your treatment as your skin goals change. All follow-up consults are entirely online, secure, and completely free.

Doctor Matthew Vickers

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“Pilot’s unique positioning in the market makes them perfectly suited to becoming a holistic men’s health platform. ”
“One of the best ideas we’ve come across in a long time.”
“... the average late-twenties male had pretty low engagement with the medical system. This led to the launch of Pilot, which connects young men to doctors for advice on key health concerns...”
“Pilot flies in, ready to shake up men’s health.”
“...carving the nation's path towards making mens health accessible online.”
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Your medical questions, answered

Pilot Customer
What’s causing my acne, and how can I get rid of it?
It could be stress, sweat, or products, but for most men, acne is caused by hormones. Hormonal changes can increase the amount of oil your skin produces, which leads to clogged pores and ultimately, acne.

The best way to get rid of acne is through a tailored treatment plan that contains prescription-grade ingredients that target the source of breakouts.
Dr Matthew Vickers
Pilot Customer
What acne treatments are available from Pilot?
Pilot offers a personalised, prescription acne cream that’s individually formulated based on your skin needs and goals.

All creams are compounded at our partner pharmacy and delivered to your door.

For men with more severe acne, Pilot doctors can also offer effective oral antibiotics.
Dr Matthew Vickers
Pilot Customer
How long does it take to see results?
Some men see positive changes in the first week, but generally speaking, prescription acne treatments take 8-12 weeks to clear the skin of underlying breakouts. 

You might also experience a purge period, where your acne flares up before it begins to get better. Purging generally lasts about 6 weeks, and afterwards, your skin will clear significantly.
Dr Matthew Vickers


How do the ingredients work to get rid of acne?

Pilot’s skin formulas include science-backed ingredients you can’t get off the shelf, in higher dosages than what chemist brands can offer. Medical-grade ingredients target the root cause of acne deep within the skin, and protect you from further breakouts.

Can Pilot treat other skin conditions?

Yes. Our skincare team can also formulate treatments for anti-ageing, pigmentation, and more. Just make your skin concerns known in the skin quiz, and a doctor will match you with a proven, personalised formula.

How does pricing on Pilot work?

There is a one-off $20 cost for the doctor's consultation – which is refunded if you're not suitable for Pilot. 

The cost of treatment is then $88 for a 2-month supply. All plans include free, unlimited follow-up consultations, express delivery, and automatic refills every 2 months (you can cancel at any time). 

Not quite ready?

Pilot’s Daily Skin Set is a no-fuss routine designed to fight fine lines, dry skin, wrinkles and breakouts. Just cleanse, hydrate, and you’re on your way. It’s men’s skincare, made simple.
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Guide to skincare

Find out what causes breakouts and learn about the treatment options available to you. 

Pilot’s guide to skincare is medically reviewed and updated regularly to include the most accurate information.
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