The health navigator for Australian men.

Pilot is a technology platform that helps Australian men take command of their physical and mental health.

That means learn about their problems, then connect with trusted Australian doctors, psychologists and pharmacists and take action.

Why Pilot?

The elephant-sized problem in men's health.

Australian men are experts at sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to seeing a doctor.

(In fact, it's a badge of honour for most guys that they don't need a doctor, or help generally).

Aussie men are significantly less likely to seek treatment from a GP than Australian women,[1] and less likely to have a support system[2] for physical and mental health problems.

The devastating effect this has on wellbeing, happiness – and suicide rates – is well known.


And while Australia's healthcare system is full of amazing people, accessing it is simply too hard for a busy and embarrassed male population.

Dr Google is there for us, but the information is scary, conflicting, and lacks a path to action.

We believe technology and the internet is finally mature enough to fix this. So we built Pilot.

It's Australia's end-to-end health navigator.

A way for Australian males to take command of their own physical and mental health. To learn about what is causing their problems, then take early action under the guidance of trusted Australian doctors, psychologists and pharmacists.

At launch, we'll help treat mental health, hair loss and sexual health, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

It's time for Australian men to regain control of their healthcare.

Talk is cheap – let’s get into it.