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We've sought-out some of Australia's best men's health practitioners, and brought them to our telehealth platform.

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Image of a Dr Russel Knudsen holding a Pilot box
Hair loss

Dr Russell Knudsen

Image of a Dr Russel Knudsen holding a Pilot box
We’ve partnered with leading hair restoration expert, Dr. Russell Knudsen, who has over 35 years of experience at the forefront of the latest technologies for hair loss treatment.

He is a past President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and has been awarded their highest honour, The Manfred Lucas Award in 2014 and previously won the Golden Follicle award in 2000.

Dr. Knudsen has worked with our partner pharmacies to design a system capable of delivering personalised dosages, giving you the best change of real hair growth.
Sexual health

Dr Matthew Vickers (Clinical Director)

Doctor Matthew Vickers
Dr Matthew Vickers is a specialist GP based in Sydney with a special interest in men's health, sexual health and mental health. He has extensive experience helping patients from all around Australia find medical solutions via telehealth, and is passionate about fostering comfortable, honest conversations online.
Doctor Matthew Vickers
Weight loss

Dr Ramy Bishay (Advisor)

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Dr Ramy Bishay is a specialist Endocrinologist & obesity physician, Endocrine & Metabolic Clinic, Ashley Centre (Westmead), and an advisor for Pilot's Metabolic Reset Program.
Doctor Ramy Bishay

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