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Pilot is your online, men's health navigator.

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How does Pilot work?

Online assessment

An easy online experience that doesn't require video calls or appointments

Doctor prescribes

If you're suitable for treatment, your doctor can design a treatment plan

FREE shipping

Purchase your plan online and a partner pharmacy ships it, direct and discreet


No Appointments

This is online healthcare.

We often avoid the doctor because of awkward conversations, or the inconvenience of time off work.

Then, we miss-out on treatment altogether, leaving us back at square one (with confidence and happiness issues).

Pilot brings the doctor to you in a 100% online, text-based consult.

Trusted Doctors

Treatments prescribed by Australian GPs.

The internet is a sea of snake oil salesmen and miracle cures that don’t work.

Pilot connects you with quality Australian doctors who review you personally, and may provide evidence-based treatment plans in line with GP standards.

Fast & Discreet

Get free delivery.

Our platform connects to nearby partner pharmacies who package and ship, fast and free.

So if your doctor finds you suitable for treatment, you can get your treatment plan delivered.

Talk is cheap - let's get into it.

Why Pilot?

Helping Australian men control what’s controllable.

We believe healthcare is a delicate combination of physical, aesthetic and mental wellbeing.

We also know that blokes don't like to face their issues head-on, so we're building solutions online.

We're committed to providing high standards of patient care, with an experience as good as your GP.