When life gets hectic,
your health is the first
thing to go.

Take control with Pilot

Digital healthcare is here.

Pilot gives you the treatments you need, from doctors you trust, through a secure online consultation, delivered (discreetly) to your door.

How it works

  1. 1

    A 100%-online doctor's visit

    Tell an Australian doctor about your medical history + symptoms on our secure platform.

  2. 2

    Doctor creates a treatment plan

    Get cost-effective prescription and non-prescription treatments, recommended by the doctor.

  3. 3

    Free (+ discreet) delivery

    If approved, a repeat of your treatment will ship every 2 months. Cancel at any time.

No time for a doctor's visit?

Get treatments delivered.

Access the knowledge and treatment you need, from anywhere, without interrupting your day.

Everything is delivered fast, free (and discretely) – no appointments or waiting rooms.

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No more awkward conversations

Let's remove the stigma.

We're making it simple for men to take action, whether it's having a conversation, or getting treatment in a discreet, judgement-free fashion.

Mental health, sexual health, or hair loss affect all of us at some point in our lives. Let’s tackle it together.

No more dr. google

Backed by real Aussie doctors.

Learn about what is causing your problems, and take early action under the guidance of trusted Australian doctors, psychologists and pharmacists.

Pilot doctors only offer treatment plans backed by clinical science.


Why Pilot?

Helping Australian men control what’s controllable.

  • We believe healthcare is a delicate combination of physical, aesthetic and mental wellbeing.
  • We also know that blokes don't like to face their issues head-on, so we're building solutions online.
  • We're committed to providing high standards of patient care, with an experience as good as your GP.

Talk is cheap – let’s get into it.