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1 in 3 Aussie men

experience PE at some point in 
their lives [1]
The actual number is probably much higher, since not a lot of us actually talk about it.
Doctor Matthew Vickers

Ask a doctor, Dr Matthew Vickers

What is premature ejaculation (PE)?
What causes PE in men?
Can you stop premature ejaculation?

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Developed by sex coach Georgia Grace and sexual health specialist Dr Michael Lowy. Last longer - without medication - in 4 weeks.
  • Long term results
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  • This type of treatment can help up to 65% of patients in the short term [4]
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Success stories from Pilot patients

Amazing Service
5 stars
by Bryce
This service has been, quite literally, life altering. Super professional service, with consideration that PE and related issues are not the easiest things for a guy to waltz into the family doctor and discuss. I will be highly recommending Pilot to anyone looking for a discreet Men's Health platform.
Sydney, NSW
Non incentivised review
This course is legit
5 stars
by Brayden
I was skeptical at first because I've read about different ways to last longer on the internet, but this course actually guides you through how to train the techniques.
Non incentivised review

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“Pilot’s unique positioning in the market makes them perfectly suited to becoming a holistic men’s health platform. ”
“One of the best ideas we’ve come across in a long time.”
“... the average late-twenties male had pretty low engagement with the medical system. This led to the launch of Pilot, which connects young men to doctors for advice on key health concerns...”
“Pilot flies in, ready to shake up men’s health.”
“...carving the nation's path towards making mens health accessible online.”
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Your medical questions, answered

Pilot Customer
What are the best treatments available for PE?
For the treatment of PE, a doctor may recommend clinical treatment, behavioural therapies, or a combination of both. The success rates of these two together is very high at around 85%.

While clinical treatment is considered a safe and effective way to manage PE and help improve sexual confidence quickly, in order to achieve long-term results, behavioural modification training and psychological therapy are important tools for tackling the underlying causes.

Topical anaesthetics that reduce sensitivity can also be helpful for some men. Some see immediate results, and for others, it might take some time to find out what works best. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get there.
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Dr Matthew Vickers

Dr Matthew Vickers
Pilot Customer
What do I need to know about side effects?
Most clinical treatments come with possibility of side effects, and generic PE treatments may cause symptoms like tiredness, nausea and headaches.

When recommended a treatment plan, you will be provided with detailed information about potential side effects. If at any time you experience these while on a treatment plan, you can connect with your health practitioner to discuss your options or alternative courses of treatment.

Dr Matthew Vickers

Dr Matthew Vickers
Pilot Customer
Will the treatment automatically give me an erection?
No. Clinical treatment that helps with PE by improving erectile function will not give you an automatic erection – sexual stimulation is still needed in order for you to get an erection. Erectile treatment will only amplify the signals required for normal penile function.
Dr Matthew Vickers
Dr Matthew Vickers


Can I use clinical treatment while also doing the Last Longer Program?

Yes, in fact it’s recommended you tackle PE with behavioural training at the same time as using treatment in order to achieve long-term results. After learning the techniques included in the program, some men find they no longer require clinical treatment in order to have a fulfilling sex life.

How does pricing on Pilot work?

There is a one-off $20 cost for the health practitioner's consultation – which is refunded if you're not suitable for Pilot. The cost of clinical treatment starts at $5.75 per use. All plans include unlimited follow-up consultations, discreet delivery, and automatic refills every two months (you can cancel at any time).

PE causes

Discover the causes of premature ejaculation and find out more about the treatment options available to you. 

Pilot’s guides are medically reviewed and updated regularly to include the most accurate information.
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Start with this expert tip

Learning to recognise your ‘point of no return’ can help you exercise control. 

Practice bringing yourself close to ejaculation, then stop and rest until the sensation has passed. Repeat this technique to prepare for game day.
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