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A personalised hair loss treatment created for you by leading Australian specialists.

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A personalised hair loss treatment created for you by leading Australian specialists.

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A personalised hair loss treatment created for you by leading Australian specialists.

Dr Knudsen

Dr Russell Knudsen MBBS, FFMACCS has over 35 years of experience treating male pattern baldness. His specially designed treatment plan sees over 80% of his patients retain their hair.

Designed by a leading Australian hair loss expert.

The key to successful treatment of hair loss is getting the right ingredients, in the right dosages for you. And of course, starting early.

Drawing on 35 years of experience treating male-pattern baldness, Dr. Knudsen has worked with our partner pharmacies to design a protocol capable of delivering personalised dosages, giving you the best chance of real growth, while minimising side-effects from active ingredients.

Over 80% of men who use this treatment keep their hair.

As part of the Pilot treatment program, you will get unlimited text-based consultations with the doctor, to further personalise and evolve your treatment plan in order to get the best results.

GOT Questions?


Why is my hair thinning, and is it treatable?

Hair loss is a really common concern and on an emotional level, can prove extremely challenging. Hair loss could be related to stress, environmental factors, medication, or a medical condition, but for most men, it’s caused by genetic or hereditary influences.

The good news is, in most cases, hair loss is treatable and can be reversed. Modern-day treatments are easily available, affordable, and have a very high success rate. A combination of oral and topical medication has an 83 per cent success rate in retaining hair and a 66 per cent success rate in regrowing it. [1]

Dr. Russell Knudsen


What hair loss treatments are available and how do they work?

There are two main pharmaceuticals used to treat male pattern baldness, and both are available to Pilot patients. Australian healthcare laws prevent Pilot from listing the exact medications available until after you’ve had an online consultation with a doctor, but they work like this.

One is an oral medication that works by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the main cause of hair loss. About two in three men that use this medication see hair regrowth over time; while the remaining third won’t have any further hair loss.

The second is a topical treatment applied directly onto the head. Most men who use this treatment notice a delay in further balding, while some will experience regrowth. [2]

Dr. Russell Knudsen


Okay cool, but what about side effects?

While adverse side effects are rare, a very small percentage have reported irritation to the treated area, increased hair growth to other areas of the body, or mild cases of ejaculation disorder and/or erectile dysfunction (around 2 per cent of patients).

When provided a treatment plan by your doctor, you will be given detailed information about potential side effects. If at any time you experience these, or if you have any concerns, you can engage in a free follow-up consult with your doctor to discuss changing your dosage or alternative medications. [3]

Dr. Russell Knudsen



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Saw results a couple of days after I took it

Jorge C. on 09/17/2021

I saw results a couple of days later in terms of stopping losing my hair so quickly. Normally, when I used to comb my hair I tended to see so much hair on my hands. After that I can see that it barely falls. In the long run I hope to see very noticeable results in terms of recovering my lost hair. But I can say that the first step is to stop losing it :)

Great and Easy Service

Callum on 09/09/2021

Easy process of getting what I required through the website. Tablets for hair loss came quickly and as described, all the appropriate information included in the box, would recommend highly.

A positive step for men’s healthcare

by Sam on 04/21/2021

Pilot is an easy way to talk to a GP about discrete or embarrassing men’s health issues. I wouldn’t have gone to a GP for hair loss however pilot being online only made it very easy.

Easy and Quick

by Charlie on 10/12/2020

After seeing the ads on TV l, I thought I’d give pilot a try for my hair loss. The question were simple and easy to fill out, and the whole process was super quick. Glad a gave it a try. Unreal!

Good service and good prices

by Alex M. on 24/03/2020

I had been to Ashley and Martin when I first noticed my hair loss but luckily bailed in the cooling off period of the contract because I found pilot. The website is easy to use and convenient, although maybe in the future you could have an app?

Brilliant products and service, coul...

by Chris on 16/03/2020

I’ve used the hair loss treatment and I’m really seeing results without having to pay a fortune with other companies which charge a hell of a lot more for the same treatment. I have used this treatment for at least 8 months and will continue to do so.

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