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Coke dick: Why it happens and how to treat it

Some handy suggestions to combat this.

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May 15, 2024
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Coke dick: Why it happens and how to treat it
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Ever had a big night out on the bags that left you pulsing with sexual desire only to find yourself limp dicked when it matters the most?

It's a classic catch-22, the coke makes you horny as hell, but it's also what's holding you back from getting it up. This common predicament is known as 'coke dick,' and it can leave you feeling both disappointed and perplexed.

If you've been finding yourself feeling like you just can't get hard on coke, we're here to break down what coke dick is, and why it might be happening to you. Plus, we have some handy suggestions for how to get your pecker back up.

Want to get back to full-throttle sexual stimulation and feel a good hearty, healthy erection again? Read on.

What is coke dick?

Coke dick is the ultimate buzz kill when it comes to your sex life, so what exactly is it? As the name suggests, this colloquial term refers to when someone has trouble getting their penis hard as a direct result of their cocaine use.

Coke dick falls under the umbrella of erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that's super common for a number of men. It's more common than you might think, affecting about 40% of Aussie blokes [1]. Coke dick is unique in that it arises specifically from the physiological and psychological effects of taking, you guessed it, cocaine.

Cocaine affects the way you experience sexual stimulation by giving you a hit of dopamine straight to the brain that heightens sexual desires and feelings of excitement, which explains why you probably feel both frisky and risky whenever you take it [2].

Plus, it often results in changes to the way your body responds physiologically and in turn, how easy or difficult it is for you to get hard. And therein lies the problem: coke makes you want to have sex, but it makes it really difficult to.

How does cocaine impact erections?

If you've experienced coke dick before, you're probably wondering why cocaine use affects your ability to get hard. Generally speaking, an erection occurs because blood arteries expand to increase blood flow to the penis [3].

However, the vasoconstrictive properties of cocaine lead to the constriction and narrowing of blood vessels, making it difficult for them to relax and dilate properly. As a result, the necessary blood flow and oxygen supply to the penis are reduced.

Essentially what this means is that when you're using cocaine, less blood and oxygen are being delivered to the penis, and without this precious blood supply, your penis simply can't get up.

Plus, if you use cocaine for long enough, it's even possible to create lasting damage to the blood vessels in your penis as well as reduced sensitivity and nerve damage [4].

How long does coke dick last?

There are 2 things to consider when it comes to coke dick: the short-term and the long-term effects.

If you've been struggling with achieving sexual pleasure when on cocaine use, it's likely that your most pressing question is how long will this last? Let's take a look at the short-term effects of cocaine use first.

It's hard to give a definitive answer to how long coke dick will last because everybody will process and react to cocaine differently, and individual factors such as metabolism, drug dosage, and overall health can change the time it takes to process coke and get it completely out of your system.

It will also change depending on how much coke you've taken, but the effects can last hours, and sometimes even days.

Plus, it's common to mix cocaine with alcohol, and that spells double trouble for you and your member. The combination of coke dick and whiskey dick won't help things in the bedroom.

Basically, as long as the drug is in your system, you might struggle to get it up. But this is mostly temporary, and your erection should get back to regular as soon as the coke has left your body.

Experiencing coke dick can be incredibly frustrating. Along with ditching drug use, one of the best ways to get it under control is by seeking professional medical advice and support. There are plenty of discreet and online options out there, including Pilot's ED treatment. If want to chat with someone about getting rock-hard again, there's nothing like reaching out to a trusted healthcare professional.

What are the long-term effects of cocaine on ED?

Often, erectile dysfunction on coke is a simple reaction to the gear being in your system. And we get it, coke is a common way to up the pleasure, but are you ready for a cold hard fact?

While the inability to get and keep it hard on coke will generally pass, using coke can actually have long-term effects on your ability to get it up.

Cocaine use can cause damage to the nerves that control erections, leading to long-term erectile dysfunction. Prolonged exposure to cocaine can also cause damage to the blood vessels in the penis, leading to structural changes that impede proper blood flow. Plus, it can contribute to reduced sensitivity and potential nerve damage, further complicating the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Other long-term effects of excessive cocaine use can include [5]:

Plus it's not uncommon for your sexual confidence to take a hit while experiencing ED.

On top of that, cocaine can actually lead to something called "priapism" — that's where an erection doesn't go away [5]. Might sound fun at first, but sometimes it can last for hours, even without stimulation, and it's actually considered a medical emergency.

Taking proactive steps to address the underlying causes and seeking professional guidance can help mitigate these risks and promote long-term sexual well-being.

Can you take erectile dysfunction medication while on cocaine?

We get it: you're probably looking for a quick fix here, without having to give up the gear. But the truth is that mixing any drugs, especially illicit ones, will come with a host of potential side effects.

Combining ED medication with coke can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, seizures, and even heart attacks [6]. Even if that doesn't happen, the likelihood of it helping you get a boner again is pretty low because the 2 drugs work in opposition to each other.

So remember, if you've been hitting the bags for a few too many weekends in a row, and the effects are getting a little too real, drug-free sex is always an option.

And not to get all mum on you, but the fact of the matter is that substance abuse is a real and direct result of taking highly addictive drugs like coke and it's easier than you think to get psychologically dependent on them [7].

Long story short: cocaine use can affect your dick and your ability to get hard in long-term and short-term ways, and the effects can build up and become something more than you bargained for. So you'll probably want to get to the bottom of things and find out if it's just the coke or maybe it's ED at play.

How to treat erectile dysfunction

Already stashed the bags but are still finding it tricky to get it up? There are a bunch of ways to get ED in hand, such as lifestyle changes, medication and surgery.

Some options for treating ED through lifestyle changes are to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more frequently, find ways to lower your stress levels, and here's a big one: limit alcohol and drug use.

Want to talk to a healthcare provider that just gets it? Pilot’s ED treatment can help you take it all the way, all night long. And, you can tackle ED without even needing to leave your home.

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