Making a case for cheaper hair loss medication

How A&M sued us, and why we took $70k on the chin for the sake of men’s health.
Pilot's cheaper solution
Notice of filing and hearing

Taking action at all costs

You already know our mission here at Pilot is giving Aussie men the tools to sort out their health.

To us, this also means taking action when we feel like men aren’t getting a fair go.

The problem

With the evidence of Ashley & Martin’s past indiscretion with the ACCC in regards to unfair contracts, as well as customer testimonials, and uncomfortable first-hand experiences, we felt enough was enough.

It was time to use our platform to take action for Aussie men.

The action

Pilot's redacted products
A selection of our campaign images regarding Ashley & Martin’s product pricing and general conduct. They demanded we take them down.

The action

Pilot's redacted item
Pilot's redacted item
Pilot's redacted item
A selection of our campaign images exposing Ashley & Martin’s product pricing and general conduct. We were ordered to take them down.
Decide for yourself

Just the facts

Comparisson imageComparison imageComparison imageComparison messageComparison messageComparison message

Did we go too far? Or not far enough.

Our campaign was all in the name of publicising more affordable alternatives to addressing hair loss. We did this by comparing our deals to what Ashley & Martin has been offering for the last 40 odd years.

In making this information public however, we may have had a bit too much fun with our wording and—much to the chagrin of our legal department—said a few things we perhaps shouldn’t have.

Too far, apparently

We love transparency, and we’d love to share the allegations we made that got us into a bit of hot water.

Unfortunately though, this would breach the terms of our settlement, so instead we’ll just share the full documents so you can find out for yourself!
The legal documents
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Your say

Fair enough it caused a bit of a stir, but some of you shared our sentiment.
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You can make up your own mind on how you feel about this information. If you’ve had similar experiences with 
Ashley & Martin we’d love to hear from you!
[email protected]

The outcome

We thought about fighting the case, but instead of wasting a whole bunch of time going through legal proceedings, we decided to continue focusing on men’s health and helping more of you keep your hair.

So we settled and paid out $70k to Ashley & Martin. In the end, if that cash we lost has helped show just a few Aussie men in need that there’s a cheaper and easier solution, we’d do it again in a heartbeat.
Pilot’s cheaper solution
A word from our patients

How they see it

“Was with Ashley & Martin but this is cheaper and I don't have to leave home for x2 hours away.”
– Peter
“Crossing over from ashley & martin I find this far more straight forward & easier to maintain.”
– Harrison
“I had been to Ashley and Martin when I first noticed my hair loss but luckily bailed in the cooling off period of the contract because I found Pilot.”
– Alex

What Pilot offers

Pilot product kit

The cheapest treatment

Hair loss clinics, GPs, chemists; we all have access to the exact same medications. We’re just able to prescribe them cheaper.

Here’s why:
  1. We operate entirely online
  2. We’re an established Aussie company
  3. We’re here for the long haul, not to make a quick buck
Hair loss dose graph

Personalised dosages for every patient

Men in the early stages of hair loss may not need high dosages like men in later stages.

That’s why we take into account your hair loss stage and family history to find your minimum viable dose.

To help you achieve the best results and reduce your chances of side effects.
Hand holding a pill

Custom compounded capsules

We work with Australian compounding labs to formulate each patient’s hair loss treatment in easy-to-swallow daily capsules. No matter which plan you’re on.

Know of something you’d like instead? Ask our practitioners about it.

Grow your confidence

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T-Support One Off
T-Support One Off
$ 55.00 
Daily supplement packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to support the production of testosterone.