Hair Loss

Keep your hair.

You can slow hair loss (and, in many cases, thicken hair) with a specific set of blocking and boosting treatments. The sooner we act the better, so let’s get into it.


Hair loss

Hair loss in men is usually caused by genetics and hormones. The telltale signs are pretty consistent: your hair acts differently, you’re finding hair in the shower, or you see your forehead getting bigger.

The good news – the treatments have been shown to work, and the sooner you act, the better.

Treatment plan

Pilot's partner doctors will review your information and create a customised treatment plan. This treatment plan will be based on Australian GP standards, and could include prescription or non prescription options. Due to regulatory reasons we cannot provide details of exact ingredients before a doctor makes a recommendation, so that information will be provided by the doctor after your consult.


$59 / month

How it works

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    A 100%-online doctor's visit

    Tell an Australian doctor about your medical history + symptoms on our secure platform.

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    Doctor creates a treatment plan

    Get cost-effective prescription and non-prescription treatments, recommended by the doctor.

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    Free (+ discreet) delivery

    If approved, a repeat of your treatment will ship every 2 months. Cancel at any time.


+ Can I actually get decent healthcare without seeing a doctor in person?

+ What are the treatments on offer?

+ How much does it cost?

+ How long does it take to ship?

+ How long do I need to use the product before I see results?

Why Pilot?

Let’s not beat around the bush.

  • We believe healthcare is a delicate combination of physical, aesthetic and mental wellbeing.
  • We also know that blokes don't like to face their issues head-on, so we're building solutions online.
  • We're committed to providing high standards of patient care, with an experience as good as your GP.

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