Everything you need to know about male enhancement pills

Ever been curious about ED medication and how it works? There's plenty to learn about the science and success around male enhancement pills.

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Male Enhancement Pills — Everything You Need To Know | Pilot

Ever been curious about ED medication and how it works? Do male enhancement supplements give you an erection that lasts all weekend? Can you safely pop a pill every day? Can you get them from your local pharmacy?

Read on—there's plenty to learn about the science and success around male enhancement pills.

What do male enhancement pills do?

Male enhancement pills, or sex pills, are designed to help the millions of men who suffer from poor sexual performance due to erectile dysfunction (also known as ED).

Pilot's male enhancement pills work by regulating blood flow to the penis. They increase blood flow by targeting the enzyme responsible for the contraction of blood vessels.

This increased blood flow helps to initiate and maintain erections.

This scientific method to improve male sexual function and enhance sexual performance has been shown to be effective for 94% of patients[1].

How long does it take for male enhancement pills to work?

When we talk about most male enhancement pills, there are usually two clinical treatments we're referring to: the blue pill and the yellow pill. Both pills take around 30 minutes to an hour to start working, but they each treat erectile dysfunction for different lengths of time.

The blue pill is great for beginners wanting to address their sexual performance issues. The effects last for around four hours, so it's ideal to take for planned sex.

The yellow pill, also known as the weekend pill, can restore sexual vitality for up to 36 hours.

So if you're feeling particularly frisky and want the option of spontaneous sex, the yellow pill may be the one to help you capitalise on that sexual energy.

What some people get wrong about male enhancement pills is that they think they'll have an erection for the entire duration of the pill's effectiveness.

This is thankfully not the case! Whether it's the blue pill, or the longer-lasting yellow pill, both work to enable erectile function when there is a natural sexual desire. If you're not turned on, male enhancement pills have no effect.

Side effects of male enhancement pills

While scientific testing and refinement have made many male enhancement pills safe for use by men wanting to improve sexual performance, even the best sex pills can come with side effects.

These can include headaches, hot flushes, upset stomach, indigestion, stuffy nose, and nausea. Some patients have also reported blurred vision and issues differentiating between colours.

While uncommon, certain male enhancement pills have caused prolonged blood flow resulting in erections that won't go away. If an erection lasts for more than four hours, visit an emergency department immediately and get help from healthcare professionals.

Before you take any male enhancement pill, it's recommended you share your lifestyle and health history with a medical professional—like your Pilot health practitioner—as most sex pills contain potentially dangerous drug ingredients when taken in conjunction with certain other medications such as nitrates, amyl nitrite and other blood pressure medicines.

Can you take male enhancement pills every day?

There has been some research into the blue pill and whether it should be taken daily, with at least one healthcare professional speculating that it is indeed safe to take every day[2].

Clearer research, however, has been conducted around yellow pills, with studies showing that they may, in fact, be the best male enhancement pills for daily erectile dysfunction treatment[3].

Be sure to check with your doctor about how frequently you can use these medications.

Alternatives to male enhancement pills

There are many male enhancement products available for men wanting to treat their erectile dysfunction, ranging from surgical and nonsurgical interventions to herbal medicines with all-natural ingredients. Horny goat weed, anyone?

With the link between low testosterone and erectile dysfunction identified [4], dietary supplements claiming to boost testosterone levels may have a positive effect on sexual prowess.

However, any enhancement supplements promising to increase penis size or deliver intense orgasms should be regarded with a healthy degree of scepticism.

Other alternatives to penis enhancement pills that have been shown to be effective include penis pumps, as well as penile implants, although implants carry with them the standard risks associated with surgery[5].

If you're unsure about the prospect of surgery for sexual enhancement, know that erectile dysfunction can be treated in a straightforward manner with pharmaceutical options. No surgical procedures necessary!

When to see a doctor

A healthy sex life and sexual satisfaction can be significant factors in the puzzle of male health and general wellbeing.

With the leaps forward in simple and effective ED medication options, it's never been easier to treat erectile dysfunction and restore your sexual vigour.

If you're interested in improving sexual performance, it's well worth having a chat with the medical professionals at Pilot.

The process involves completing a short online quiz about yourself and, if you're eligible, you'll have an online consult with an Aussie practitioner where you can chat about the sexual health issues you're experiencing.

They'll then suggest the best male enhancement pills for you, we'll ship them to you in a discreet, unmarked box, and you'll be on your way to a renewed and exciting sex life.


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