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How Pilot’s Metabolic Reset Program has made a healthy impact on the lives of our patients.

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“I’m really happy with the results and how much Pilot has changed my life and habits.”

–Pilot patient
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Results from our recent survey

found the program more effective than other weight loss methods
noticed reduced appetite since joining the program
saw results in the first month of starting the program
said they were feeling positive about their weight loss journey since joining
–Pilot Lifestyle Survey 2023
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30-day money-back guarantee

You can cancel your membership within the first 30 days at any time, and we’ll refund you the full amount even if medications have been prescribed and shipped.

What our patients say

“Feeling better physically and emotionally and mentally”
“You guys have been fantastic number one I would recommend it to anybody”
“It’s boosted my confidence and reduced my poor attitude towards myself”

Biggest Wins

“Believing that I can lose the weight for real, and for good”
“Fitting into clothes!”
“People saying that I look great”
“Riding my bike more”
“Not wanting junk food”
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Much more comfortable exercising
5 stars
by a Pilot User
I now am much more comfortable with myself I don't get embarrassed working out in front of other people. The gym is a fun place to me now. I make sure I gym 5 times a week, I walk a lot as well. I now make way better food choices and I know this time I'm going to be able to keep the weight off.
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How much weight will I lose? How quick?

This varies person-to-person – some Pilot members have responded quickly, dropping several kilos in the first few weeks.

Clinical research from studies of these medications helps paint a picture of what you can expect:

In 1 year patients can lose up to 13% of their body weight [1].

What is Pilot’s weight loss medication?

Due to Australian therapeutic goods regulations, we are unable to list this class of treatments by name.

You will have to proceed to the health practitioners consult stage on Pilot (and be approved by a health practitioner) to learn deeper specifics.

What we can say, though, is that these medications were approved in 2017 in Australia for weight management. They’re considered safe and are particularly effective for regulating your metabolism and hunger hormones.

How do I take the medication?

The medication is injected via a pen (tiny needle — like a pin-prick) in the upper thigh or abdomen.

It is not painful, and patients pick up this habit very quickly.

Is the medication safe?

The medications available in the program will be named and fully explained after your health practitioner's consult (due to advertising regulations). They are considered safe, have been widely used since 2017 and are generally very well tolerated, with minimal side effects (the main one being nausea for some patients).

For anyone with a personal or family history that might put them at a slightly higher risk for extremely rare side effects, your health practitioner will always err on the side of caution and recommend other options in those situations.

How much does Pilot’s weight loss program cost?

The cost of this program (including the medication, health practitioner support, and ongoing behavioural coaching) is $285 per month, which is around $10.00 a day.

Most of our members end up spending less on food each day as their appetites are reduced — so the program can actually be very affordable, as it's comparable to a sandwich and a drink at a cafe.

What makes this program unique?

Pilot pairs the most up-to-date medical science from health practitioners, with targeted lifestyle changes.

For many men, weight loss is very difficult because your body is fighting against you. It interprets weight loss as a life-threatening problem and responds by slowing your metabolism and increasing your hunger.

Our program introduces clinically-proven hunger regulating medications, and combines them with a health coach so you can learn about your body while also losing a substantial portion of your body weight.

Does this program require me to go on a diet?

No. We don't force you to follow an eating plan, but your health coach will be helping you make healthier food and lifestyle choices through targeted behavioural changes.

What if I don't want to talk to my weight loss group?

That's fine, you don't have to be best mates with them. Your health coach will still want to check in on your progress - get your weight, waist measurement, and motivation levels. If you aren't comfortable sharing this with the group, then this can be shared directly with your health coach - no problems.

Is Pilot’s weight loss program just for men?

No, definitely not. Although Pilot is a male-oriented platform, the treatment is effective for men and women. Women are welcome to take the quiz and start the Metabolic Reset Program with Pilot.

What are the side effects of Pilot’s weight loss program?

The most common side effects observed by those on Pilot’s weight loss program are nausea, diarrhoea, and constipation. In many cases these side effects diminish over time when patients grow more accustomed with the treatment.

How many needles will I receive with my order?

You will receive needles in the box with the medication. There will be enough needles in each pack for the number of doses in your medication.

If you ever require needles early, we are able to send you out some via AusPost, please just get in touch.

Weight loss, redefined.

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