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Why get tested?

If you're sexually active, getting screened for STIs should be a regular thing a couple of times a year, and when you change partners.

Even without showing symptoms, STIs can produce disease than can impact seriously on your health and those of your loved ones.

As always with your health, it's better to be safe than sorry.

What does Pilot test for?

Hepatitis A, B & C




What is an STI?

STI stands for 'Sexually Transmitted Infection', which is passed on during unprotected sex with an infected partner, through skin-to-skin contact, or even through blood.

STIs range from being quite treatable (if caught early) to very serious (especially if left untreated), and can include Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, and AIDS.

When you get an STI, you may not have any obvious symptoms – this is why it’s important to get regular tests.


Who can get an STI test through Pilot?

You can undergo an STI test through Pilot if you are in Australia and over 18 years of age.

If you are under 18, we unfortunately cannot provide you with a pathology referral for an STI test. We recommend you reach out to your local GP to arrange a test.


What are the steps for the STI test?

Once you complete the 5-minute online assessment and pay $39, you will immediately be able to download and print your pathology referral form.

This lets you go to a nearby collection centre, where they will take samples of your blood and urine. This process shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes.

These results will then be given to your Pilot doctor, who will forward them to you via a secure link within 2-3 business days.


Why wouldn't I just go to my local GP for this test?

While many GPs offer bulk-billing for STI testing, it can be a daunting experience. Pilot removes the awkward face-to-face chat about the intimate details of your sex life, as well as the need to take time off work to visit a doctor's clinic.

STI testing through a regular GP still involves a visit to a pathology collection centre, and you'll often have to go back for a second appointment to discuss your results.

Pilot delivers results discreetly to your phone via a secure link.


How much does an STI test on Pilot cost?

There is a one-off $39 cost to receive a pathology referral and have your results reviewed by an Aussie doctor.

In most cases, that’s all you have to pay as your pathology tests will be bulk billed through Medicare. If you are not an Australian resident eligible for Medicare, you may be liable for testing expenses at the collection centre.


Can I go to any collection centre in Australia?

Yes, you can go to any pathology centre Australia wide. However, we recommend going to the collection centres listed once you receive your pathology referral for faster processing of your results.


What samples are taken?

Both blood and urine samples are taken for the Pilot STI test.


How long will the visit to the collection centre take?

It will take under 5 minutes to have your samples taken. A collection centre has much less of a wait time than a doctor waiting room.


My contact details have changed since I received my referral. What do I do?

You can update your contact details through your profile on Pilot or reach out to our team at [email protected] for assistance.


What happens if my test results are positive for an STI?

We'll give you your results so you can go to your local GP and get treatment. They will usually treat you on the spot.

Given a positive STI test means you are at risk of infecting others, we recommend getting treated ASAP.


What information do you give the government if someone tests positive for an STI?

All GP’s and collection centres are required by law to notify the government if someone tests positive for an STI. However, we do not provide any information used to identify individuals to the public. The information that needs to be provided to the government will vary from state to state, however in most cases, only the age and postcode of the patient are shared with the Government.

This information is for the Health Departments to better understand the spread of STIs and develop targeted interventions.

Tests that return positive HIV/AIDS results are, by law, identified to the government in the interest of further prevention.

At last, a move in the right direction

by Steve on 17/2/2021

There are times when it's difficult to face a GP and discuss intimate details of your intimate life. I know it shouldn't be, and I know the relationship with your Dr is sacred, confidential and built on trust. However the reality of face to face disclosure is extremely humiliating. Pilot provides a professional service which is easy to navigate and removes the embarrassment...

Well that made a difference!

by Jim on 12/12/2020

What great service team Pilot! Easy, discreet and great value. Very much looking forward to continuing with Pilot and trying some other services and products available to us. Get on board men of Australia.

I have my confidence back!

by Charlie123 on 10/12/2020

The whole process was discreet, fast and easy. Prescribed medicine worked a dream.... I couldn't ask for anything more. I wish I had done it much earlier, would have saved me some embarrassing moments haha!

Life saver! Hard again!

by Mike on 3/12/2020

A genuinely amazing service. Having such an embarrassing problem made me not want to visit a doctor face to face. Being able to do it online and get the correct treatment which so far is working great, has been such a relief! Thank you Pilot!

Worked brilliantly

by Dave on 26/11/2020

I didn't think it would work as well as it did. Highly recommended for any one needing help in that area. Very happy with this product price good fast delivery helpful.

Handy. Non-intrusive. Easy to use.

by Rob on 25/11/2020

Transparent information. Brilliant model, should be more of it! Takes the awkward conversations out of it, still can't get over how great a thing this is. If you're thinking about, just do it, you won't regret it.

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