Hair Growth
Booster Kit

Whether you're looking for non-prescription products or a boost to your prescription plan, this kit covers all the bases.
Knowing what to look for when you’re trying to keep your hair can be a challenge.  

We’ve done the research, and found the best non-prescription ingredients to support healthy hair growth and work alongside prescription treatments.

It’s everything your scalp needs in one easy-to use system.

Each bundle includes:

Pilot Thicken Shampoo & Keep Conditioner
Pilot Biotin Hair Gummies
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Free express shipping
30 day return policy
Discreet Packaging

Biotin Hair Gummies

Valued at $50

Vitamins support the fibres your follicles need to grow strong strands of hair.

These gummies are packed with Biotin, aka Vitamin B7. Biotin is important because it supports the synthesis of Keratin, the protective protein that makes up your hair (and makes it stronger and less prone to damage).

Each bundle includes:

Easy twice-a-day dosage
Packed with natural Vitamin B7
Natural pineapple flavour
No artificial colours or flavours

Thicken Shampoo
& Keep Conditioner

Valued at $40

New hair follicles need an environment in which they can survive and thrive. Our carefully formulated Thicken Shampoo and Keep Conditioner bundle has been made to give fledgling follicles the best possible start at life.

Containing Panang Ginseng Root Extract, Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Niacinamide, Zinc, and Caffeine, these ingredients have been selected for their known efficacy in assisting healthy hair growth.

Biotin for healthy Keratin synthesis
Panax Ginseng to inhibit DHT production
Niacinamide for a healthier scalp

Derma Roller

Valued at $39

With hundreds of tiny (1mm) needles, a Derma Roller is the easiest do-it-yourself way to get the benefits of microneedling at home.

By gently rolling the Derma Roller over your scalp, these tiny needles rupture the outer layer of the dermis, creating blood flow to the area, and triggering a healing reaction in the scalp. By activating the scalp’s stem cells, surrounding follicles are stimulated, resulting in hair growth.

Microneedling from the comfort of home
Made from surgical grade stainless steel
1mm needles that won’t damage your follicles
Stimulates scalp follicles

Great and Easy Service

Callum on 09/09/2021

Easy process of getting what I required through the website. Tablets for hair loss came quickly and as described, all the appropriate information included in the box, would recommend highly.

Saw results a couple of days after I took it

Jorge C. on 09/17/2021

I saw results a couple of days later in terms of stopping losing my hair so quickly. Normally, when I used to comb my hair I tended to see so much hair on my hands. After that I can see that it barely falls. In the long run I hope to see very noticeable results in terms of recovering my lost hair. But I can say that the first step is to stop losing it :)

A positive step for men’s healthcare

by Sam on 04/21/2021

Pilot is an easy way to talk to a GP about discrete or embarrassing men’s health issues. I wouldn’t have gone to a GP for hair loss however pilot being online only made it very easy.

Easy and Quick

by Charlie on 10/12/2020

After seeing the ads on TV l, I thought I’d give pilot a try for my hair loss. The question were simple and easy to fill out, and the whole process was super quick. Glad a gave it a try. Unreal!

Good service and good prices

by Alex M. on 24/03/2020

I had been to Ashley and Martin when I first noticed my hair loss but luckily bailed in the cooling off period of the contract because I found pilot. The website is easy to use and convenient, although maybe in the future you could have an app?

Brilliant products and service, coul...

by Chris on 16/03/2020

I’ve used the hair loss treatment and I’m really seeing results without having to pay a fortune with other companies which charge a hell of a lot more for the same treatment. I have used this treatment for at least 8 months and will continue to do so.

Dr. Matt Vickers

Pilot Medical Director

“Many of my patients ask me whether or not their shampoo or diet can affect their hair loss. While prescription treatments are the best method for preventing hair loss, it’s important to create the right environment for healthy follicles.

I recommend Pilot’s Thicken Shampoo & Keep Conditioner, as well the support of a Biotin supplement, to give patients in the earlier stages of hair loss a non-prescription option, as well as people who are using prescription treatments the best products to support their hair growth journey.”




How do I know I’m losing my hair?

95% of Hair loss in men is due to male pattern balding. This is because the hair follicles in your scalp are sensitive to the hormone DHT. Typical early signs are a more visible scalp, finding hair in places you previously want, and a receding hair line.


Is this prescription medication?

No, this is non prescription medication The ‘actives’ in this bundle include biotin, saw palmetto etc which are supplements that can be bought over the counter.


Will this cure my hair loss?

We’re going to be straight up, there’s no silver-bullet “cure” for male pattern baldness. Effective prescription treatments that have been around for decades have a success rate of over 85%.

This bundle has been carefully formulated to provide the healthiest possible environment for hair growth, for men experiencing the earliest signs of balding, but would like to avoid prescription treatment for now, and for men using prescription treatment who want products that have been proven to support hair growth.

If you’d like to find out more you can speak to a doctor.


Can I use any shampoo with prescription treatment?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, you probably shouldn’t.

While healthy new hairs thrive in a clean environment, some shampoos contain ingredients like Quaternium-15, Sodium Laryl Sulphate (SLS), Formaldehyde, Parabens, Diethanolamine, Triethanolamine, and Alcohol just to name a few, all of which can damage the protein structures than ultimately make up each strand of hair.

Pilot’s Thicken Shampoo and Keep Conditioner have been designed for the sole purpose of providing an environment that makes healthy hair growth a priority over a thicker lather, or longer shelf-life.


Does microneedling hurt?

If you’re doing it wrong! Pilot’s Derma Roller, when used correctly, will create a tingling sensation when used, but shouldn’t be used so firmly it creates any pain or long-term irritation.

A small amount of irritation during use is normal when gently applying a firm amount of pressure, as the needles work by disrupting the thin outer-layer of your scalp, but this should cease shortly after use.


Are Biotin Gummies an alternative to prescription treatment?

No. Biotin is essential in helping our bodies synthesise Keratin, the protein which makes up our hair, skin, and nails.

Pilot’s Hair Gummies give your body's Biotin levels a boost, but don’t block DHA (the androgen which causes hair loss in men), or stimulate blood flow to the follicles.

Pilot lets you

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Pilot Thicken Shampoo & Keep Conditioner
Pilot Biotin Hair Gummies

Hair Growth Booster Kit