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75% of Australians have cold sores, but seeking treatment can still feel embarrassing. Not anymore.
Get proven treatments to suppress cold sore outbreaks and reduce the risk of transmission.

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100% online assessment
Australian doctors & pharmacies
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Treatment Plans

Managing cold sores is easy.

Daily supressive therapy

Taken on a daily basis to help keep breakouts from occurring.
Reduces recurrences by 80%
Reduces transmission risk by approx. 50%
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$22.50 / month

One-off therapy

If you start quickly enough, treat an individual breakout as it occurs.
Reduce the time of an outbreak by c.50%
Decrease the severity of symptoms
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$15 / outbreak

Although not curable, cold sores is treatable with antiviral medication.
In order to receive treatment for cold sores through Pilot, you must already have seen a doctor and received a diagnosis for oral herpes, or HSV-1. A doctor on our platform can help you manage your cold sores and find the treatment best suited for you.

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Take action against cold sores.

Cold sores can be annoying and unpredictable, and can put both you and your partner at risk. But with the right support and scientifically-proven medication, you can take control of HSV-1.

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So Easy!!

GreatfulPilotUser on 10/09/2021

I was too embarrassed to see a doctor for ED. This is no hassle and super easy! Delivery was prompt! I would highly recommend Pilot! Will definitely use Pilot again!

At last, a move in the right direction

by Steve on 17/2/2021

There are times when it's difficult to face a GP and discuss intimate details of your intimate life. I know it shouldn't be, and I know the relationship with your Dr is sacred, confidential and built on trust. However the reality of face to face disclosure is extremely humiliating. Pilot provides a professional service which is easy to navigate and removes the embarrassment...

Well that made a difference!

by Jim on 12/12/2020

What great service team Pilot! Easy, discreet and great value. Very much looking forward to continuing with Pilot and trying some other services and products available to us. Get on board men of Australia.

Life saver! Hard again!

by Mike on 3/12/2020

A genuinely amazing service. Having such an embarrassing problem made me not want to visit a doctor face to face. Being able to do it online and get the correct treatment which so far is working great, has been such a relief! Thank you Pilot!

Worked brilliantly

by Dave on 26/11/2020

I didn't think it would work as well as it did. Highly recommended for any one needing help in that area. Very happy with this product price good fast delivery helpful.

Handy. Non-intrusive. Easy to use.

by Rob on 25/11/2020

Transparent information. Brilliant model, should be more of it! Takes the awkward conversations out of it, still can't get over how great a thing this is. If you're thinking about, just do it, you won't regret it.

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