About pilot

The health navigator for Australian men.

We started Pilot in 2019 on a verandah in inner Sydney.

Why? Because talk is cheap.

There are enough people raising awareness of men's health – and doing a great job – but not many avenues for taking action.

As a result, many men fall through the cracks.

The stats are pretty damning -

  • 75% of suicides in Australia are men[1]
  • At age 25 years, male deaths are more than twice as common as female deaths.[2]
  • Aussie men are significantly less likely to seek treatment from a GP than Australian women[3]
  • An estimated 72% of Australian males don’t seek help for mental ill-health[4]

Add to this our national appetite for risk-taking, including alcohol and drug abuse, smoking and gambling.

There is little wonder men have turned to the internet – Dr Google, and counterfeit medications. But where are the trustworthy online options?


The healthcare platform designed for men -

As an exercise, what would it look like if we designed something for men and their specific needs?

  • You'd make it a chat-based platform, so appointments and time-off-work, no time-pressure
  • Make it discreet and secure, with subtle packaging and judgement-free assessment
  • Fill it only with top doctors and specialists who are interested in mens health
  • Made it 100% online, so regional and remote Australians could access it, and there was no face-to-face awkwardness
  • Worked with the most efficient pharmacies and couriers, so getting to a solution takes only a day or two

So that's what we built with Pilot.

Since launched, we've served over 50,000 Australian men, and we're only just getting started.