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A program to improve your stamina in just 4 weeks.

100% natural, medically proven techniques taught by a leading sexual health doctor and certified sex coach:

10 cool down techniques scientifically proven to improve stamina in bed
Helpful for any man looking to last longer
Learn from medical professionals with over 30 years of experience, who have helped over 500 men with PE

What you'll learn

Using the Control Ladder to discover your sweet spot of arousal without orgasming
Calming your body with your Parasympathetic Nervous System
Using mental tricks to help your mind disassociate from stimulation
Using down regulated breathing to bring your system back into balance
Using the Levels Game to introduce three new difficulties into edging
Training the pelvic floor to increase success of controlling ejaculatory response
Using kegel strength to maintain control just before the point of no return
Techniques to stimulate your partner while giving yourself a break

Your Expert Instructors

YOUR certified sex coach

Georgia Grace

Georgia is a Certified Australian Sex Coach seen everywhere from GQ,  Australian Financial Review and Triple J. She runs both physical and online courses, helps clients in 1-on-1 consults.

Georgia has worked with thousands of individuals and couples to support their approach to sex. With this experience, she’ll give you the  practical tips which have been most successful for her clients. With a range of techniques covered, you’ll be able to find an approach that’s most suitable for you.



Dr Lowy is a sexual health physician, specialising in men’s health conditions and sexual medicine since 1992. He is specifically trained in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, and is a Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine.

Dr Lowy will cover the science behind the techniques taught, and help you understand why they work. With his guidance, you can rest assured that everything you’re learning is medically-backed.

Who is this Program for?

Performance in bed is trainable.

Lasting longer in bed doesn’t just come down to knowing a special technique.

Real success comes from practice using the right methods. This program guides you through the whole process with guided instructions, week-by-week.

Only natural solutions are taught and anyone can learn them.

The world's most effective sexual therapy

10+ hours of video lessons & written cheat sheets from
Dr Lowy and Georgia.

Week 1

Mind-body connection

How to use masturbation techniques to “regulate stimulation”

Week 2

Level up your edging game

Incorporate edging with a special grounding brain technique

Week 3

Enter THe red zone

Exercises to build perfect control, right at the point of orgasm

Week 4

Getting ready for game day

Train under special conditions designed to mimic the real deal

Bonus #1

What a sex coach tells her clients

The secret to building arousal without going anywhere near the genitals

Bonus #2

Devices to level up your game

Using devices to take your training to the next level and beyond

What our customers are saying

Natural way to help me last longer

by Alex A on 8/2/2021

The last longer training program helped me regain my confidence in bed and around my partner. Really liked how it was run by experts and not just some random guy. Super happy that I now have some natural ways to help me last longer, for when I don't feel like taking a pill.

100% recommend this!

by Liam on 7/2/2021

100% recommend this to anyone. I did not want to take prescription medication for my PE, and the natural techniques taught here really worked!

I'm seeing improvements in the bedroom

by Oliver on 3/2/2021

Such a great course with step-by-step instructions. I followed the training and now I'm really seeing improvements in the bedroom with my partner.

This course is legit

by Brayden on 2/2/2021

I was skeptical at first because I've read about different ways to last longer on the internet, but this course actually guides you through how to train the techniques.




Is this a subscription service?

No. This is a one time charge and you will receive lifetime access to all the content. Extensive, high quality video classes and cheat sheets from leading medical practitioners.


How much time will this program take?

The program is split into 4 weeks of content plus bonus sections. We recommend going through one topic per week.


Is this program for me?

This program is for any male looking to last longer regardless of the severity of your PE. Our medical practitioners will provide natural techniques to help you improve your sex life.


Is this actually effective?

All exercises and techniques in this program are widely recommended and approved by sexual health doctors and sexual coach. They have been used successfully for decades to treatment men experiencing PE.


Who designed this program?

This program has been designed alongside two experts in the field of sexual health:

  • Dr Michael Lowy (MBBS, MPM, FAChSHM, FECSM) a sexual health physician with over 28 years specialising in men's health conditions and sexual medicine.
  • Georgia Grace a certified Australian Sex Coach who has worked with individuals, couples and groups to become more aware of their bodies, sex and sexuality.
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